Takeover Moderation

Taking on an existing business entails certain requirements for the transferring party and the assuming party — and this applies regardless of whether the company is being handed over within the family or whether an external party is taking over. Our takeover moderators provide a professional and tailored service to guide you through the takeover process. In their capacity as trustworthy, independent guides, our moderators can communicate with management consultants, experts and legal representatives, for example, or mediate during handover discussions between the two parties. The takeover moderation voucher is primarily aimed at parties transferring their business. The voucher helps to make the business takeover by the start-up/assuming party run as smoothly as possible.

Thanks to grants provided by DEHOGA Baden-Württemberg and the Baden-Württemberg Ministry of Commerce and Industry through resources from the European Social Fund, the guidance offered by a DEHOGA takeover moderator is free of charge.

You can arrange an appointment directly with the DEHOGA consulting team by calling +49 (0)7 11 - 6 19 88 37 or by using our contact form.

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