Information session for founders

The information session for founders is an initial orientation talk on the topic of starting up a business in the hotel and catering sector. The session lasts around four hours (incl. preparation and follow-up work) and you will receive fundamental information about the key stages along the route to running your own business. You will learn, for example, what legal requirements you need to take into account, what is involved in concluding lease or sales agreements and the important principles that need to be considered when hiring associates. The conclusions of the session are summarised for you in a brief set of minutes.

The information sessions for founders is a free service provided by the DEHOGA Baden-Württemberg. You can arrange an appointment directly with the DEHOGA consulting team by sending an e-mail to info(at), calling +49 (0)7 11 - 6 19 88 37 or by using our contact form.

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