Foundation check-up

An initial on-site check for your foundation idea. Get a thorough health-check on the basic orientation of your project. Am I on the right track with my project?

With a foundation check-up, you can consult an industry professional from the DEHOGA consulting team to answer this question. At an on-site meeting, he will discuss the key aspects of your foundation project with you (e.g. issues such as concept, cost-effectiveness and financing). The results will be detailed in note form in a compact report which will help put you on the right track from the outset. You will also receive information on important industry key figures and funding programmes in Baden-Württemberg. Further support can then immediately be provided for promising projects through detailed foundation consulting.

Thanks to sponsorship from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry through resources from the European Social Fund and state funds, as well as grants from DEHOGA Baden-Württemberg, the foundation check-up is free of charge.

You can arrange an appointment directly with the DEHOGA consulting team by calling +49 (0)7 11 - 6 19 88 37 or by using our contact form.

Yes, I would like to make an appointment for a foundation check-up. Please call me!
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