Start-Up Marketing

Having a good idea alone is not enough when it comes to founding a new business in the hospitality industry. When preparing your business plan, but at the latest when conducting financing meetings with the bank, the question arises as to how your new business will be marketed.

With the “Start-Up Marketing” package, you will receive expert advice for professional, clever marketing with which you can attract and excite guests, and make them ambassadors for your new brand. The results of the consultation are summarized as a guideline for you in a report.

There are up to ten funded consultation days available for start-up marketing and advice for those wishing to start their own business. Through funding by the Ministry of Finance and Economy from grants from the European Social Fund, as well as from federal state resources, the consultation can also be offered at a discount. The consultation days cost a mere EUR 195 each (own net contribution). In addition, EUR 37.05 VAT is charged per consultation day. A valuable investment in your future!

Please make an appointment by e-mail at info(at) or directly by phone at 0711 – 61988-37.

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