The most important information about the hotel and catering foundation vouchers at a glance:

What are the hotel and catering foundation vouchers?

These foundation vouchers are an assortment of the most important promotional services that the State of Baden-Württemberg and the hotel and catering association DEHOGA Baden-Württemberg have developed especially for company founders in the hotel and catering sector. The services listed in the vouchers can be used individually and in accordance entirely with your needs. The aim of the foundation vouchers is to contribute long-term to the economic success and stability of company start-ups in the hospitality sector.

Who can avail themselves of the services in the foundation vouchers?

All company founders and anyone taking over a company who are intending to set up an independent business in the hospitality sector in Baden-Württemberg. It does not matter particularly where the owner lives, but simply the company’s headquarters, or base. As part of consolidation measures for existing businesses, further sponsored consulting programmes are also available to entrepreneurs who have already founded their company.

How do I found out more if I have questions abot the foundation vouchers?

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